Get Your Own Free PS4

This is how you will get a FREE PS4 from Sony

Why spend a lot of money on a PlayStation 4 when you can get it for free?
Here at Free I will show you how to get your own free PS4 when they release it. (November 15th)

Get a Free PS4

This is how it works to get a free PS4:
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“Playstation 4 is the perfect gaming computer”

Playstation 4 is based on components that are similar to those we now find in ordinary PCs. Both the processor and graphics chip supplied by AMD and has been seen as a sign of weakness for the console market. Game developer Mark Rein of Epic do not agree.

Get a Free PS4

Mark Rein, managing director of renowned game developer Epic says rather that the PS 4 is like the ultimate gaming PC and can be a positive development for the entire gaming industry. Which carries more weight than you can imagine when Epic was one of the game developers who last year pushed hardest on that they wanted to see a massive boost in the console market in terms of performance and future security.

When asked if Epic got what they wished for in terms of hardware specifications of the next generation of stationary consoles was the answer enthusiastically.
Yeah, we’re really pleased with what we got – at least so far from Sony. Tim Sweeney is really the best person to ask that question but he’s over the moon with it. This is a phenomenal piece of hardware and we’re going to do amazing things with it.” he said when interviewed by

The fact that the next generation gaming consoles to a large extent based on the traditional PC components Rein sees as a great advantage, especially for games studio Epic who is used to working with the PC market.
Rein says that we already know what both the CPU and GPU are capable of and how to best exploit their capabilities. This in turn makes development easier and means that Epic can focus on their own strengths.
Not the least points Rein to the expanded system memory, 8 gigabytes of PS4 to 512 megabytes of PS3, will open up new doors for game developers and that it is an amount of memory you can not even count on the traditional gaming PCs today.

It’s like giving you the world’s best PC. ‘We’re going to make it super convenient, we’re going to make it easy for you to get games on there, we’re going to start the games running while you’re downloading them and we’re going to perform your updates in the background.’ You’re not going to turn this thing off… you’re just going to sleep it and it’s going to come back on.’”[...]“The kind of stuff that they announced that they’re doing, the level of convenience and things like that… they’re making a really perfect gaming PC.” says Mark about the PS4.